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Birding Pyrenees

Discover the most impressive species of the Pyrenees from the best spotting sites thanks to the expertise of your local expert guide. Be in the right place at the right time!

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Hello, welcome to Birdwatching Pirineos! This is our true area of expertise. If you have any questions while you navigate through the information you can use the Whatsapp icon and we will answer any doubts.

Alberto Marín, Birdwatching guide, former worker of the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture

Pyrenees Birding Guide

Enjoy the flight of a 2,80 m wingspan bird, the magnificent Bearded vulture, or take advantage of our 4×4 private transport to reach the highest ranges in search of the elusive Wallcreeper.

Whether you are looking for an enriching family experience or you are a keen birdwatcher we can help you dive into the beauty of the Pyrenean birds in comfort and in the most efficient way.

The variety of species and spotting areas is huge, so my mission will be to help you get the most of your experience by facilitating the access to the best spotting areas for each species, depending on your goals, your availability of time, the level of effort or the weather conditions of a particular day.

Birding Pyrenees Experiences

Bearded vulture Tour

Ideal for families

Enjoy the best place in the world to see bearded vultures. The province of Huesca in the Pyrenees is home to the highest density of lammegeier per square metre in Europe. Here you can easily reach great vantage points within easy reach of the vehicle and spot bearded vultures with the optical equipment we provide.

Great Raptors Tour

Ideal to discover the variety of raptors of the Pyrenees

¿Do you want to enjoy the variety of raptors of the area? This route includes 4×4 transport from your accommodation to the most beautiful spots in the hills where the Golden Eagles, Egyptian vultures and many other raptors soar the sky.

Pyrenean Birds Tour

Ideal for the most passionate birdwatchers

Discover the colorful and enigmatic birds of the Pyrenees in the best observation points in two different habitats: alpine and lowlands. Which one do you choose?

Transport 4×4 and optical material included.

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Tailormade Birdwatching Pyrenees

Are you looking for a birdwatching route focused on your interests and sighting goals? Then I am your guide. With our private 4×4 transport we can reach the full variety of sighting spots and adapt to the species that you would like to spot or photograph.

Aragón Birding Club

Logo Birding Aragón

Aragón Birding Pyrenees Club guarantees that the birdwatching experiences offered under this brand meet an standardized quality standard.

Always look for this logo if you choose another Birdwatching Tour operator in Aragón. If you have decided to give us your confidence but want to discuss any details, we are available for your questions right now.

Birdwatching in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees host unique species that are difficult to enjoy anywhere else in Spain, Europe and in some cases even worldwide! Birding Pirineos is a comfortable outdoors experience in nature to get to know these jewels in their natural habitat.

Of course, being wildlife species the sightings are never guaranteed. My local expertise accumulated along the years, both working for the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded vultures and as a freelance guide, will give you the best chances of sightings and the top quality of service throughout the experience.

Shall we start our tour together?